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Brake Testing:
For more details on our Brake Testing Services click here...
Commercial Diagnostics :
As we constantly invest in new technologies, continuously training ourselves, and updating our technical equipment with the latest software, Ian Hayes Haulage are sure to have the right tools for the job. With vehicles becoming more and more electronically run, we appreciate that this expensive and complex equipment is not practical for everyone to have in their own garage. Therefore, without having the expense of these tools, you can avail of our services when the need arises at a minimum cost to you or your business.
General Maintenance :
We provide flexible services to carry out whatever is needed to complete the job; should we need to weld a patch for a bodywork job or grease a few knuckle joints to keep a part from wearing out, we have the attitude no job is to small and no matter how minor the job may seem it is still as important as the major ones!
Mechanical Services :
With our past years of experience working on our own fleet, we have acquired the tools, knowledge and skills to provide you with a fast and efficient service to get your vehicles ready for the road with the least amount of down-time possible. We understand how important it is to keep wheels turning and to keep your business moving forward, so speed balance with quality is of utmost importance.
PSV & MOT Preparation :
Ian Hayes Haulage has a purpose built facility to test all parts of your vehicle, with the latest technology to test the most important areas that are priority to the test centres. Brakes, Steering and Suspension being the most critical, we can assure you that we will leave your vehicle ready for the most intense tests.
PSV & MOT Washing :
We know that space and facilities can be hard to sort at times, so as part of our service we have a purpose built washing bay enabling a quick and proper PSV wash to be carried out for your convenience, prior to the vehicle test. With having a long service in the Haulage business, we have come to know what areas require particular attention to keep the test examiners clean and happy.
We are open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00am-5.00pm but you can always give us a call on 028 8676 3496 or email us to should you have any questions or bookings to make.
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